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Universal Analyzers

Universal Analyzers

3000 Series - Thermoelectric Gas Coolers Featured

The 3000 Series Gas Coolers are widely used in both General Purpose as well as Hazardous Classified Areas such as those found at Refineries.


The Universal Analyzer Model 1095E utilizes our proven multi-stage cooling technique to provide a minus 30°C dew point conditioned sample that is free of corrosive Acid Aerosol Mists.

Model 275E Extractive Gas Sample Probe Featured

The Universal Analyzers Type 275E heated sample probe is designed for continuous use in extractive gas sampling systems.

Model 275HD Dilution Gas Sample Probe Featured

The Universal Analyzers 275HD Heated Dilution Gas Sample Probe provides accurate dilution of the gas sample stream of up to 1000:1 whether dilution is required because of compliance or safety.