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IQ Series Gas Analyzers

IQ Series Gas Analyzers Featured

Last week at the EPRI Conference, Thermo Fisher officially unveiled its latest platform of Gas Analyzers: the IQ Series.

The IQ series combines the tried and true measurement technologies – chemiluminescence, pulsed florescence, NDIR, etc – with an enhanced interface, advanced communication protocols, and cutting edge software.


Key Highlights of the new platform:


  • 7” Color Touchscreen


  • DC Power (That means small, efficient DC Pumps!)


  • 3 USB Ports


  • DMC modules (Distributed Measurement and Control) Now each of the subassemblies has a processor board and is collecting numerous data points that are being used for Predictive Analytics


  • Quad Core Processor – now making features like real time graphing and predictive analytics possible


  • 30 GB of onboard storage, 8 of which is used for Analyzer Data retention – meaning that the instrument can store appx 1 year of minute data


  • Management of Preventative Maintenance Schedule: Now Preventative Maintenance tasks (such as pump rebuild) can be programed into the instrument, the instrument can then notify the user via email or analyzer status screen of upcoming maintenance item.  All maintenance can be tracked and a report generated by the analyzer to assess long term cost of ownership and maintenance trends


  • Predictive Analytics: Known failure modes are anticipated by the instrument and the user is alerted well before common maintenance items such as pump rebuild or infrared light source replacement.  The instrument will get smarter over time and build more predictive models, resulting in less ‘unplanned’ downtime or troubleshooting.


  • Many more…..
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