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OELD - Bluetooth-Enabled Local Display | Gas Detection | Honeywell Safety

Introducing OELD: a Bluetooth-enabled local display for Searchpoint Optima Plus and Searchline Excel gas detectors.

Introducing the New Bently Nevada 3500/94M Display HMI

The New Bently Nevada 3500/94M is designed for a modern view into the operation of the machines that are critical to your business. This video describes the basic features and functions of the new display and shows the look and feel of the new design.

AquaTrace™ ppb Dissolved Oxygen System


  • Reagent-free amperometric design
  • Trace DO system includes Trace DO Thermo Scientific™ DataStick™, flow cell, AV38 local display; assembled on the panel for simple installation
  • Temperature compensated
  • Pre-calibrated, plug & play sensors
  • Rugged membrane in replaceable sensor cap
  • Remote measurement, calibration, configuration and diagnostics
  • Convenient turn-key AquaTrace DO monitoring system for reliable low DO measurements with a small footprint

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AquaSensors Datastick

AquaPro™ Multi-Input Intelligent Process Analyzer

GE’s TDLAS Aurora Moisture Analyzer

Discover Aurora TDLAS moisture analyzers through this overview and learn how Aurora helps operators in natural gas processing, catalytic reforming in refiners and alkylation or isomerization processes minimize moisture upsets, reducing losses from poor product quality or non-compliant moisture levels.

Orion™ 2111LL Low Level Sodium Analyzers

IQ Series Gas Analyzers Featured

Last week at the EPRI Conference, Thermo Fisher officially unveiled its latest platform of Gas Analyzers: the IQ Series.

The IQ series combines the tried and true measurement technologies – chemiluminescence, pulsed florescence, NDIR, etc – with an enhanced interface, advanced communication protocols, and cutting edge software.

Dräger X-zone® 5500

Dräger's X-zone 5500 brings a safer, more effective way to monitor hazardous gases--reinventing area monitoring. In combination with the Dräger X-am® 5000, 5100, or 5600 gas detection instruments, the X-zone® 5500 can be used for the measurement of up to six gases and extends the range of your portable gas detection technology exponentially.

Dräger X-am® 2500-5000

Dräger’s X-am® 2500 accurately detects O2, CO, NO2, SO2 and H2S and is the only 1-4 gas monitor you need in industrial, mining and refinery applications.

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