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PanaFlow Product Launch

The PanaFlow XMT1000 Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter and PanaFlow LZ Ultrasonic Flow Meter Are Launched!


The PanaFlow XMT1000, a new liquid flow ultrasonic transmitter, and the PanaFlow LZ ultrasonic liquid flow meter successfully passed BR3 and are now formally launched.  The PanaFlow XMT1000 builds on the strong heritage of its predecessor, the DigitalFlow XMT868i.  It is the latest generation of electronics for the liquid wetted flow meter product line and the electronics platform is the basis of the PanaFlow family product development program.

The PanaFlow LZ is the first platform to be upgraded to use the new XMT1000 electronics. With the XMT1000, the PanaFlow LZ retains the advantages of the previous model---robust transducer technology and design flexibility suitable for a range of temperature and applications---but now becomes more capable and cost competitive.

To review, the PanaFlow XMT1000 transmitter’s advantages include:

  • Accuracy of up to 0.3% of reading
  • Local and remote mount versions
  • Four configurable inputs/outputs for both analog and digital communication
  • One-, two-, or three-channel operation

Links to PanaFlow XMT1000 and PanaFlow LZ materials:

  • GE employees, click here for XMT1000 and click here for LZ.
  • Channel partners, click here.  

    Note: after logging in, please click on “Sell,” “Sales Resources,” “Measurement & Sensing Resources,” “Flow, Gas & Moisture Products,” “Flow,” and “PanaFlow XMT1000 Liquid Flow Ultrasonic Transmitter” or “PanaFlow LZ Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Liquids.”

If you have any questions about the PanaFlow XMT1000 or PanaFlow LZ, contact either of us directly. 

Lei Sui
Director of Product Management, Flare, Gas, Steam and Liquid Wetted
+1 978-437-1664

Noel Broderick
Global Product Manager for PanaFlow Liquid & Gas