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Powerful Scientific Instruments
Thermo Scientific pDR 1500 Aerosol Monitor
The pDR-1500 was developed to meet a need for a fully integrated, active sampling personal scale instrument with greater accuracy, increased capabilities, low size and weight, maximum ease of use and increased operating time. It was designed for applications such as site remediation, size discrimination, mass validation, exposure modeling, and protection of asthma patients

Key Features
Measurement Range — 0.01 mg/m3 – 400 mg/m3
Accuracy — ±5% of reading (± precision traceable to SAE fine dust)
Resolution — 0.1% of reading or 0.001 mg/ms3(whichever greater)
Flow Rate – 1.0 – 3.5 lpm
Particle Size Range (max response) — 1.0 – 10µm
Datalogging Intervals — 1 second to 1 hour
Battery Life — >24 hours at 1.0 lpm, >6 hours at 3.5 lpm
Output Ports – USB, Serial & Analog
GE Bently AnomAlert Motor Anomaly Detector
AnomAlert Motor Anomaly Detectors continuously identify existing and developing faults on electric motors and their driven equipment. AnomAlert utilizes an intelligent, model-based approach to provide anomaly detection by measuring the current and voltage signals from the electrical supply to the motor. It is permanently mounted, generally in the motor control center and is applicable to 3-phase AC, induction or synchronous, fixed or variable speed motors. Accompanying AnomAlert Software is used to view the data. AnomAlert provides both mechanical (unbalance, misalignment, roller bearings, etc.) and electrical (loose windings, short circuits, etc.) anomaly detection as well as electrical parameters such as voltage and current imbalances and power factor. In addition, it can detect changes in the load the motor is experiencing due to anomalies in the driven equipment or process such as cavitations or plugged filters and screens.

Key Features
• Cryogenic motor-pump
• Submerged
• Nuclear
• Remote Locations
• Hazardous Areas
• Fin Fans
GE moisture.IQ Analyzer
Part of the IQ Series of moisture and oxygen analyzers from GE, the moisture.IQ is a multichannel, multifunction analyzer used wherever moisture impacts the quality, efficiency, or performance of a product or process. The new touchscreen display and graphics-based interface allow for easy at-a-glance viewing. The built-in auxiliary inputs allow you to add two additional transmitters and an oxygen measurement to each available channel-making it the most versatile moisture analyzer on the market.

Features and Benefits
• Multichannel moisture and oxygen analyzer
• Combines technology of the Panametrics MIS-1 and MMS-3
• Real-time clock and data logging
• Easily upgrade your current moisture analyzer
• The global reach and local support of GE Authorized Distribution
Technical Expertise
to help define goals and architect quality solutions